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Instrument cluster

Repair service

Mail order vehicle instrument clusters repair service. Cars, bikes, heavy machinery and others. Cost-efficient repairs of speedometers, panels, monitors, displays and ECU’s. Worldwide shipping. Free diagnostics!

Problems with instrument cluster?

We specialize in repairing all kinds of electronic instrument clusters problems. Don’t let your dashboard make you go crazy, fix your instrument cluster fast and effectively with us.

Worldwide service

We are able to provide reliable shipping to most of countries. If you need detailed information about shipping costs and duration, feel free to ask us questions!

Our services


Over the years, we’ve gained great amount of experience in vehicle electronics. From This experience allows us to work professionally and efficiently. To make sure  that our clients are fully satisfied, we use only the highest quality parts and tools.

Buying new parts is very expensive and not always possible. They often require additional programming to work in the vehicle. All of this means extra costs. Our services allow you to save fair amount of money and nerves.

Our company has worked with many clients from all over the Europe. We offer fast and reliable shipping to most countries.

We perform free diagnostics service. Before any repair, we will report back to you with quotation and then you will decide if we should repair or send your parts back to you. Then, you only have to pay for shipping costs.


We repair instrument clusters and panels from most of vehicles. Damaged gauges, broken displays, error messages, missing backlight or totally dead dashboard – we will likely be able to help you out.


Buying new parts or installing used module from a different car/bike can become problematic. Apart from mileage and units, there are often other parameters that should be correctly set in order to make everything work properly.


Damaged display is not something that should be ignored. Driving vehicle without important information about vehicle state such as fuel level or current speed is not comfortable and can be dangerous.